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Hogwarts Summer Academy

Study of Runes - 3D Print Demo
Tuesday, July 24 - 1:00pm | Studio 203

Potions 201 - Giddy Root Beer - Registration Required
Wednesday, July 25 - 1:00pm | Community Room

Join Professor Schneider in refining your second year potions skills. Everyone knows Giddy Root Beer Potion can make even the most grumpy person turn agreeable. This potion requires several different aromatic roots that are grown here in America and available to all of us, No-Maj, Witches and Wizards alike. We will explore the roots with our senses, the strong delicious smells, bright colors and ability to extract in a simple water solution.

During class we will make a batch of the potion. When we are done, we will all sample our chilled Giddy Root Beer Potion together and go home happy and agreeable! Potion instruction cards will be available to all attendees.

Registration: Register

Cosplay 105 - Flying Class
Thursday, July 26 - 1:00pm | Library Patio