4th Tuesday Forum: The Art of Tidying Up

DeForest Area Community & Senior Center
This event has ended.

Join Trista, a certified professional organizer in Marie Kondo's KonMari Method, for a lesson on how to turn your home from a place of clutter and stress to one of joy and ease.

We will discuss the basics of the KonMari Method, which include tidying by category rather than room, and choosing the items that stay in the home based on feelings of joy and intention rather than guilt or fear.

By the end of the process, the goal is to live in a home surrounded by items that only bring you happiness, and releasing items that have outlived their purpose with gratitude.

After learning about KonMari, you may find that the lessons learned can also find their way into other areas of your life as well.

Presented by Trista Michels

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