Reading Programs

2024 Summer Reading Program: Adventure Begins at Your Library starts June 6 and runs through August 17.


This reading program is based on what you read! Registration is open!

  • Explorers are reading Board, Picture, and Early Reader Books.
  • Globetrotters are reading Chapter and Plus Books.
  • Thrill-Seekers are school-age kids reading Teen and Adult Books.
  • Trekkers are adults reading  Teen and Adult Books.

The last chance to enter tickets and redeem and spend Dragon Dollars is 7 pm on August 28, 2024.


Q: Who can join your reading program?

A: Everyone! We have a program for all ages and reading levels. If you are reading to your child or new born, you can register them and yourself under the Board, Picture, and Early Reader Books program. If you do not live in the DeForest Area you are still welcome to join. Please note that we do not ship prizes so if you would like to claim Dragon Dollars or enter ticket drawings you must be able to come to the Library to pick up your prizes.

Q: How do you use Beanstack?

A: The Live Oak Public Library has some great video tutorials on how to get started in Beanstack:

If you need further assistance with Beanstack, feel free to email Jessica at jsvetlik [at] (jsvetlik[at]deforestlibrary[dot]org), or stop at the circulation desk during our open hours. 

Q: What are Dragon Dollars?

A: Dragon Dollars are our Reading Program currency. As you read books and complete activities you will earn Dragon Dollars that can be spent in our Reading Program Prize Store, or donated to the DeForest Area Needs Network, the Dane County Humane Society, and/or the DeForest Area Public Library Endowment Fund.

Q: What are Tickets and how do I earn them?

A: Tickets are virtual entries into prize drawings. They are earned when you participate in our reading program. You earn them by entering books, writing reviews, and completing activities. Tickets can be entered into different drawings (paper participants may enter one drawing per paper form turned in) for a chance to win special prizes that are only available for that reading program. In order to be eligible to win a ticket drawing you must have a valid phone number or email address on your Beanstack account.

Q: Can I log events that I (we) attend at the Library?

A: Yes! New in 2024, you can easily log events in the Activities section on the mobile friendly website or in the Beanstack app. Events, like activities, will earn you points. Every 2 points earned equals 1 Dragon Dollar. There is a maximum of 100 points that an individual may earn this program.

Q: Is there a difference between the paper and the Beanstack reading programs?

A: You can earn Dragon Dollars and enter ticket drawings whether you log your reading on paper or in Beanstack. Logging in Beanstack offers additional opportunities to earn tickets and points toward Dragon Dollars. Examples of Beanstack activity badges include attending events and programs, doing crafts and activities, answering trivia questions, and completing special challenges. Note: Every 2 points earned equals 1 Dragon Dollar. There is a maximum of 100 points that an individual may earn this program.

Q: Can I submit my paper form virtually?

A: Yes! If you are in 4th-12th grade, email your reading to Raechel, our Teen Services Librarian, at raechs [at] Birth-3rd grade and Adults, email your reading to Jessica, our Digital Librarian, at jsvetlik [at] Families can email everyone's reading in one email to either Raechel or Jessica.

In every email please include:

  • Reader's first and last name
  • List of books read
    • Titles and authors
    • If read multiple times you only need to write the title once and indicate the number of times read next to the title.
    • Example: Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown - 5 times
  • Ticket Drawing the reader would like to be entered for a chance to win (each email you may select 1 ticket drawing and all tickets earned by logging the books submitted will be entered into that drawing)

In your first email also include:

  • Grade & School (this goes towards the Challenges so use the grade they were in this past school year)
  • Town/Village/City
  • Reading Group (Explorers, Globetrotters, Thrill-Seekers, or Trekkers)
  • Phone number (optional, your email address will be used for ticket drawings if no phone number is given)

Reading logs can be digital scans of a paper form, lists in an email, google docs, etc. Please allow up to 72 hours for your forms to be entered into Beanstack before coming to collect Dragon Dollars.

Q: What are the different challenges this summer?

A: We have five different challenges this summer:

  • Community Challenge: Read and log 25,000 books as a community and we'll throw an end-of-summer reading program party at the Library of Wednesday, August 28.
  • Elementary School Challenge: Which school can log the most books between Eagle Point, Windsor, or Yahara Elementary School? The winner will win a slime party!
  • Harvest Intermediate School Challenge: Can Harvest students read and log more books than school and public library staff? If they do they will earn a slime party!
  • Teen Reading Challenge (all participating readers in grades 7-12): Which prize drawings can teens unlock by reading and logging books?
    • 400 Books: Pizza party for one winner with friends.
    • 500 Books: 3D-Printed creature for one winner.
    • 600 Books: Amazon Fire Tablet for one winner.
    • 800 Books: After Hours Party for All Participating Teens.
  • Village Staff Challenge: Which team (DeForest Village Hall, DeForest Public Works, DeForest Police Department, or DeForest Area Public Library) can read and log the most books this summer? The winning team earns bragging rights and a trophy!

Q: I'm an adult reading picture books to my kids, can I still join?

A: Absolutely! Our programs are based on what you are currently reading. If you mainly read picture books to your kid(s) you can join the Board, Picture, and Early Reader Books program and if you are mainly reading Chapter books you can join the Chapter and Plus books program. It doesn't matter what age you are as long as you are reading or listening to books.

Q: Do graphic novels or audio books count?

A: YES! Any type of book counts.

Q: If my parent/guardian/sibling and I listen to the same book can we both count it?

A: Yes.

Q: Do the books have to be library books?

A: No. Although we do encourage you to use our library and our digital collections, any book you read counts. During our reading programs you can even count books you are reading in school! If you were given a Summer Reading List, not only can we help you get a copy of your book, you can count that book towards the reading program as well.

Q: Do we have to come into the library to donate our Dragon Dollars?

A: No, if you would like to donate your Dragon Dollars please email Jessica at jsvetlik [at] with the amount of non-redeemed Dragon Dollars (meaning they are still owed to you on your Beanstack account) and which charitable cause(s) you would like to donate them to. This program's Charitable causes are: DeForest Area Needs Network, Dane County Humane Society, and DeForest Area Public Library Endowment Fund.

Q: Can I buy the prizes with real money?

A: No, the prizes in our prize store can only be purchased with Dragon Dollars. The reading program is free and open to everyone so sign up and start entering your reading!


1,000 Books Club: Ongoing

Earn Library SWAG and other great prizes by entering books on our online Reading Program! Once you reach 1,000 Books, you will earn a canvas bag! Register or sign in on Beanstack.

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