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Reading Programs

2021 Summer Reading Program: Tails & Tales

This reading program is based on what you read!

  • Turtles are reading Board, Picture, and Early Reader Books.
  • Chameleons are reading Chapter and Plus Books.
  • Seahorses are reading Kids, Teen, and Adult Books.
  • Whales are reading Kids, Teen, and Adult Books.

The last day to enter books is 5:00 pm on August 6, 2021.
The last day to redeem and spend Dragon Dollars is at 5:00 pm on August 8, 2021.

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Q: Do you have any tutorials on how to use Beanstack?

A: The Live Oak Public Libraries Academy has Intro and tutorial videos on using Beanstack!
Our Beanstack url is


Q: What happened to the Teen vs Staff Challenge?

A: We still have it! This year it is the Seahorses vs. the Giraffes and it is called the Tie-Dye Pie Challenge. 


Q: What are Dragon Dollars?

A: Dragon Dollars are our Reading Program currency. As you read books, attend program, and complete activities you will earn Dragon Dollars that can be spent in our Reading Program Prize Store, or donated to one of the following organizations:

  • Dane County Humane Society
  • DeForest Area Needs Network
  • DeForest Area Public Library Endowment Fund
  • Homeless Action Network of DeForest
  • International Crane Foundation (New this reading program!)
  • Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue (New this reading program!)


Q: Who can join your reading program?

A: Everyone! We have a program for all ages and reading levels. If you are reading to your child or new born, you can register them and yourself under the Turtle program. If you do not live in the DeForest Area you are still welcome to join. Please note that we do not ship prizes so if you would like to claim Dragon Dollars or enter ticket drawings you must be able to come and pick up your prizes, either in the building or curbside. 


Q: I'm an adult reading picture books to my kids, can I still join?

A: Absolutely! Our programs are based on what you are currently reading. If you mainly read picture books to your kid(s) you can join the Turtle program and if you are mainly reading chapter books you can join the Chameleon program. It doesn't matter what age you are as long as you are reading or listening to books.


Q: Are there different prizes or rewards in the different programs?

A: Each program still earns Dragon Dollars, Dragon Disc Drops, and tickets for reading books and attending events. Activity badges and review badges are the same for all programs. New this year, each program has a ticket drawing just for that program. Whales have a Date Night bundle, Seahorses have a Pizza Party bundle, and Chameleons and Turtles each have a Zoomin' with Miss Emily bundle. 


Q: Do graphic novels or audio books count?

A: YES! Any type of book counts.


Q: If my parent/guardian/sibling and I listen to the same book at the same time can we both count it?

A: Yes.


Q: Do the books have to be library books?

A: No. Although we do encourage you to use our library and our digital library, any book you read counts. During our Winter programs you can even count books you are reading in school! If you were given a Summer Reading List, not only can we help you get a copy of your book, you can count that book towards the reading program as well.


Q: Can I buy the prizes with real money?

A: No, the prizes in our prize store can only be purchased with Dragon Dollars. The reading program is free and open to everyone so sign up and start entering your reading!


1,000 Books Club

Earn Library SWAG and other great prizes by entering books on our online Reading Program! Once your reach 1,000 Books you will earn a canvas bag! Register or Sign In on Beanstack.

You can also get Beanstack on your phone:
Get it on Google Play