The Art of De-teching

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Technology surrounds us and our kids.  Parents are caught between enjoying the pure happiness their child feels while engaging with it and the nagging sensation that it’s reach is too far.  Is it too much or is it just kids these days?   Can kids have balanced tech use and parents have peace?  

This presentation will touch on the art of helping your youth let go of the “technology rope”.  We can shine a light on the realities of technology and kids in an effort to become more conscious of technology use and how to keep moving towards balance.

Join Jenny Worley, Licensed Professional Counselor (Cup of Counseling) for a thought provoking look at where fun and fears intersect with kids and screens.

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Presenter: Jenny Worley, Licensed Professional Counselor (Cup of Counseling)

Jennifer has over 20 years experience in the mental health & emotional wellness field. A public school counselor, a private practice therapist and a trained trauma informed yoga instructor, she understands emotional wellness impacts both individuals & society.

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