The Backyard National Park

Community Room
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Presented by Marcel Wuethrich

Healthy food networks for insects, birds, and other wildlife, including humans, start with native plant communities. Learn more about the idea of a backyard national park, how to install one in your yard, and the benefits it has for pollinators, human, and the food chain in general.


Marcel Wuethrich is a scientist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison studying protective immune responses against pathogenic fungi. In his freetime he has converted his yard from a traditional lawn desert to a diverse native plant community that fosters habitat and food for pollinators, birds and small mammals. He is also spearheading a restoration effort at the Odana Hills Golf Course that converted 1.5 acres of non-mowed grass into a highly diverse native prairie plant community. Together with his wife they provide a consulting service to homeowners who seek to convert their yards into more productive native plant communities.

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