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December 10, 2020 - Winter Fun

We sailed past Saint Nicholas Day last Sunday with Holiday tunes played from the mezzanine, cookies, and chocolate milk thanks to the Friends of the DeForest Area Public Library. Santa will be "here" for his annual visit this year but he will be using Zoom, so be sure to register for a time slot! Later in the afternoon on December 12th we will be hosting a movie watch party for the classic film "It's a Wonderful Life". Register for that to get the zoom link as well as to pick up a bag of goodies to help you interact with the film. There will be a movie watch party for "Elf: The Movie" hosted by -- who else?== Brian the library elf on the next Saturday, December 19th. We are quickly running out of this year and I know we are all looking forward to saying good bye and good riddance to the year 2020. We are in the early and at the same time final stages of planning some kind of program to do just that. Stay tuned! As a public service announcement I would just like to note that as of today -- the publication date of this-- there are two weeks left until Christmas Eve and 3 weeks left until New Year's Eve. This means that you still have plenty of time to order all the gifts you will be giving on line and read some of the new books which recently arrive at the library. They are listed below. Enjoy!

cover artSometimes You Have to Lie: The Life and Times of Louise Fitzhugh, Renegade Author of Harriet the Spy by Leslie Brody. The award-winning playwright behind the “Harriet the Spy” stage adaptation traces the life story of author Louise Fitzhugh, discussing her upbringing in segregated Memphis, experiences as a closeted lesbian and influential creative relationships.


cover artBig Kibble: The Hidden Dangers of the Pet Food Industry and How to Do Better by Our Dogs by Shawn Buckley & Oscar Chavez. The co-owners of Just Food for Dogs reveal how minimum regulation enables diseased, toxic and non-food ingredients into high-cost feed-grade dog foods, sharing recommendations for improving a canine companion's health and life quality through human-grade alternatives.


cover artUnsinkable: Five Men and the Indomitable Run of the U.S.S. Plunkett by James Sullivan. Documents the true story of a U.S. Navy destroyer that inspired the writings of John Ford and Herman Wouk, drawing on the journals and other writings of five shipmates who witnessed the Anzio attacks and D-Day invasion.


cover artForgiving What You Can’t Forget: Discover How to Move On, Make Peace with Painful Memories, and Create a Life That’s Beautiful Again by Lysa TerKeurst. Compassionate, Bible-based therapeutic advice by the best-selling author of “It's Not Supposed to Be This Way” shares step-by-step recommendations for letting go of the past, understanding the meaning of true forgiveness and moving ahead in healthy relationships.


cover artAn Outsider’s Guide to Humans: What Science Taught Me About What We Do and Who We Are by Camilla Pang. An investigation into human nature and its social norms, written by a scientist with Asperger's syndrome perspectives, includes coverage of such subjects as the role of proteins in promoting relationships and what thermodynamics can reveal about life balance.


cover artPerestroika in Paris by Jane Smiley. Coexisting in the lush hidden spaces of Paris until cold weather arrives, an escaped racehorse and her companion, a German shorthaired pointer, forge a bond with a boy living in seclusion with his nonagenarian grandmother in an ivy-covered house.


cover artThe Sun Collective by Charles Baxter. The National Book Award finalist presents this timely and unsettling novel in which a mother searches for her son, a once promising actor, who has fallen victim to a local community group and its enigmatic leader.


cover artGermania: A Novel of Nazi Berlin by Harald Gilbers. Reactivated against his will by the Gestapo in the bombed-out capital of the Reich in 1944, Jewish detective Richard Oppenheimer investigates a serial killer who has been leaving Nazi-connected victims at war memorials.


cover artGrounds for Murder, No.1 (Coffee Lover’s Mysteries) by Tara Lush. When her best but most difficult employee switches sides days before a state barista championship, coffee-shop owner Lana Lewis investigates jilted lovers, a shrimp-boat captain and a mafia-connected surfer to prove her innocence of a rival's murder.


cover artThe Arctic Fury by Greer Macallister. Secretly hired by an eccentric Lady Franklin to lead a team of women explorers into the Arctic to recover Captain Sir John Franklin's lost expedition, Virginia Reeve survives a harrowing quest only to find herself on trial for murder.


cover artAmbergris by Jeff VanderMeer. A single-volume anthology of the classic Ambergris Trilogy includes the full texts of “City of Saints and Madmen , Shriek: An Afterword” and Finch . By the Nebula Award-winning author of the Southern Reach series.