Dragon Training Academy

Caleb Strutz as Brock Barnabas
Community Room
This event has ended.

Brock Barnabas is a world-renowned steampunk time traveler and inventor from the 1800's. With his latest invention, the "Time Travel Trunk," he visits the present time to recruit some adventurous kids to travel back to the Medieval times. 

Brock trains the kids to defend against and tame down dragons using his amazing science-based inventions and techniques. 

Upon completion of their training, Brock Barnabas prepares to transport the kids to the past but inadvertently draws a dragon to the present. 

Kids will need to use their newly-learned skills to deal with the dragon in the room!

There will be a Craft Workshop in the Children's Room between the two sessions from 11 am - 12 pm. 

Event Audience
All Ages