July 2, 2020 - 4th of July

The 4th of July will soon be upon us. This is the first time in forever --well, at least in all the years I've been here and that may seem like forever to some of you -- that the 4th of July parade has been cancelled. There have been a few times that the parade was postponed due to weather and possibly a couple of times when it was cancelled due to weather. This is a first in a time filled with firsts. As much amembers of the library staff and I might grouse about giving up time on the holiday to saunter (I would not go as far as to call it "marching". There is too much stopping and starting for that.) down the crowd-lined streets of DeForest under a blazing sun often in high humidity to toss candy at the smiling faces of children (and adults), not being able to do that this year feels like a loss. There is good news, despite the parade's cancellation, the candy will keep until a happier time and we are planning on doing a virtual parade in and around the library. Keep an eye out for virtual parade. Sorry we can't offer anything but virtual candy at this point. I can offer you some new books this week. For some inexplicable reason all the books that arrived this week were fiction which is probably a good choice for a holiday weekend.


“Eagle Station, No. 3 (Brad McLanahan)” by Dale Brown. When Russia and China forge an unlikely alliance to claim the moon's natural resources, Brad McLanahan and the Iron Wolf Squadron scramble to prevent the construction of a heavily armed moon base.


“The Lion’s Den” by Katherine St. John. Accepting a friend's invitation to a glamorous Mediterranean cruise, an actress struggling with a stalled career becomes a member of a group of friends under the control of a gold-digging host who would expose dangerous secrets.


“Blue Ticket” by Sophie Mackintosh. A pregnant woman in a society where females are assigned their life stations through a lottery system contends with how the system will inevitably shape her child's life. By the award-winning author of “The Water Cure”.


“Friends and Strangers” by J. Courtney Sullivan. Struggling to adjust to small-town life after having a baby, an accomplished New York City journalist immerses herself in social media before bonding with a babysitter from a very different walk of life. By the best-selling author of “Maine”.


“The Black Swan of Paris” by Karen Robards. A celebrated singer in World War II occupied France joins the Resistance to save her estranged family from being killed in a German prison. By the award-winning author of “The Fifth Doctrine”.


“People of the Canyons (North America’s Forgotten Past)” by Kathleen & Michael Gear. A healer allies himself with a witch hunter to prevent a tyrant from claiming an artifact of power, while his adopted granddaughter uncovers terrifying truths about her parents. By the best-selling authors of “People of the Raven”.


“One Last Lie, No. 11 (Mike Bowditch)” by Paul Doiron. When his beloved mentor disappears amid the discovery of an antique badge, Mike Bowditch investigates the presumed death of an undercover warden before the cold case is upended by dangerous secrets and a daughter's return


“The Dilemma” by B.A. Paris. Organizing a lavish birthday party after decades of hardship, a woman hiding a secret about a daughter who cannot attend is forced to confront a devastating truth when her husband arranges a surprise.


“Don’t Turn Around” by Jessica Barry. Cait and Rebecca, each with secrets to protect, find their lives in danger while on a desolate road in the New Mexico dessert and must learn to trust one another in this follow up to “Freefall”.


“The Half Sister” by Sandie Jones. Approached by a secret half-sister they never knew, two close sisters turn against the stranger before uncovering difficult truths about their beloved late father. By the author of “The Other Woman”.


“Home Before Dark” by Riley Sager & Todd Ritter. Twenty-five years after her father published a wildly popular non-fiction book based on her family's rushed exit from a haunted Victorian estate, naysayer Maggie inherits the house and begins renovations only to make a number of disturbing discoveries


“Hush, No. 4 (Harriet Blue)” by James Patterson & Candice Fox. An imprisoned ex-cop seeking justice for her brother's murder is offered her freedom in exchange for helping the Deputy Police Commissioner who put her away rescue his missing daughter and grandchild. Co-written by the award-winning author of “Kiss the Girls”.


“Tom Clancy Firing Point, No. 6 (Jack Ryan, Jr.) by Mike Maden. Narrowly escaping a Barcelona suicide bombing, Jack Ryan, Jr. investigates a victim's last words for answers before uncovering dark secrets linked to mysterious events that may have been behind the attack. By the author of the Drone series.


“The Summer House” by James Patterson & Brendan DuBois. Investigating four Army Rangers who have been implicated in the destruction of a luxurious summer lake resort, Army Major and former NYPD cop Jeremiah Cook is stonewalled by local law enforcement and dangerous secrets