July 21, 2023 - Two Weeks Left

We are getting down to the wire now. As of the publication date of the DeForest Times Tribune, (Friday, July 21st), there are only two weeks—count them, two—left in the Summer Reading Program. As of this writing we have 492 active readers (although 661 of you registered). For those of you who have yet to record any books, or those of you who wait and enter titles in batches (as do I), there are still 14 days left for you to enter the titles of all the books you have been reading this summer.  You can still earn badges and log events. As of this writing, 220 events have been logged; 6,055 badges have been earned and 2,055 activities have been completed. The most impressive number, is of course, the number of books read. As of this writing, 17,827 books have been read and 148 of you went the one step further and wrote book reviews.  Good job everyone!  As we head into the last two weeks of the Summer Reading Program, remember to read, record, and review what you have been reading.  Below you will find some of the new books which recently arrived at the library. Enjoy!

New Non-Fiction

“The Heat Will Kill You First” by Jeff Goodell. A “New York Times” best-selling journalist shares an explosive new understanding of heat in this searing examination of the impact that rising temperatures will have on our lives and on our planet.

“Under the Eye of Power” by Colin Dickey. From a cultural historian and the acclaimed author of “Ghostland” comes a history of America's obsession with secret societies and the conspiracies of hidden power.

New Fiction

“Obsessed: A Michael Bennett Psychological Thriller” by James Patterson.& James Born. When a killer becomes obsessed with his oldest daughter, Detective Michael Bennett will do anything to keep his family safe as he races against time to crack this superstitious killer’s code.

“All the Demons Are Here” by Jake Tapper. A new thriller takes readers back to the 1970s, with two unforgettable characters encountering many of the real-life figures and events that defined one of the wildest and most dangerous decades in American history. By the “New York Times” best-selling author of “The Hellfire Club”.

“Do Tell” by Lindsay Lynch. A contract actress moonlighting as Hollywood's reigning gossip columnist publishes an accusation from a rising starlet that an A-list actor assaulted her, changing the trajectories of all involved and forcing her to make an impossible choice about her lucrative career.

“The Majority” by Elizabeth Silver. In this riveting novel, eighty-three-year-old Supreme Court Justice Sylvia Olin Bernstein shares her personal story, revealing the intimate truth about who she was as she ascended to her modern throne and how she was given a chance to change the course of American history—and give voice, at last, to the majority.

“Crook Manifest” by Colson Whitehead. A furniture store owner and ex-grifter leaves the straight and narrow path when he needs Jackson 5 tickets for his daughter in in 1971 Manhattan in the new novel by the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “The Nickel Boys”. 

“After Death” by Dean Koontz. The only survivor of a catastrophic event awakens in a makeshift morgue with an extraordinary ability to be as elusive as a ghost and agrees to help a friend and her a son escape a violent LA street gang.

“Star Wars Inquisitor: Rise of the Red Blade” by Delilah Dawson. A new group of former Jedi decide to serve the Empire under Darth Vader, including Iskar, who survived the destruction of her old Order to claim a new destiny in the Force and hopes to uncover her hidden past that the Jedi refused to share with her.

“Madwomen of Paris” by Jennifer Epstein. A ward attendant at Paris’s Salpêtrière asylum assigned to care for Josephine, Doctor Jean-Martin Charcot’s famous patient, Laure, to save her from spiraling into seeming insanity, plots their escape, but must first confirm whether she is truly a madwoman or a murderer—or something even darker.

“An Evil Heart, No. 15 (Kate Burkholder)” by Linda Castillo. Painters Mill Police Chief Kate Burkholder investigates the violent, cross-bow shooting death of a hardworking, engaged young Amish man as her own wedding date draws near in the fifteenth novel of the series following “The Hidden One”
“Immortal Longings, No.1 (Flesh and False Gods)” by Chloe Gong. Princess Calla Tuoleimi plans to take down her family's monarchy but must decide between her kingdom or her new lover in an adult fantasy epic from the “New York Times” best-selling author of the YA Secret Shanghai novels.

“Ebony Gate, No.1 (Phoenix Hoard)” by Julia Vee & Ken Bebelle. A former Chinese assassin has her quiet San Francisco retirement disrupted by a visit from a god of death, who calls in a family debt and sends her on a quest to recover the Ebony Gate.