July 22, 2022 - Penultimate Friday in the Month

Suddenly we are at the penultimate Friday in the month of July and this month has five Fridays so it isn’t quite as late as it could be on the fourth Friday of the month. However, it does mean that we are only a week and a day for the library’s twentieth celebration of Harry Potter’s Birthday on Saturday, July 30th. And being a week away from the Harry Potter Birthday Party means we are just about two weeks away from the end of the Summer Reading Program. Now is the time to concentrate on getting those books read. Adults and children of all ages can still earn dragon dollars which can be used to purchase items in our store and which can be donated to one of four local charities – The DeForest Area Needs Network, the Dane County Humane Society, the DeForest Area Public Library’s Endowment Fund, and the due to our water-based theme, the Friends of the Yahara Headwaters. I will convert those dragon dollars into good, old, U.S. dollars and make the contribution to these worthy organizations. If you have been reading, but not recording the titles of the books you’ve been reading, now’s the time to get those titles into Beanstack – the library summer reading app—or get them written down and hand them in. To help you find something to spur your reading efforts on, below you will find some of the new titles which recently arrived at the library. Enjoy!

“One Person, One Vote: A Surprising History of Gerrymandering in America” by Nick Seabrook. An authority on constitutional and election law, and an expert on gerrymandering, explores the rise of the most partisan gerrymanders in American history.

“The Locked Room (Ruth Galloway Mysteries)” by Elly Griffiths. Nelson, investigating a series of murder-suicides he has connected to an archaeological discovery—and to Ruth’s seemingly sweet new neighbor, Sally, he enlists Ruth’s help until she, Sally and Kate go missing and he is left scrambling to find them before it’s too late.


“The Lies I Tell” by Julie Clark. Determined to expose con artist Meg Williams, the woman who upended her life 10 years earlier, for who she really is, Kat Roberts begins to question her long-held assumptions as the two women grow close, leading her to wonder who Meg’s real target is.


“The Gatekeeper” by James Byrne. After foiling an attack at the hotel where he’s staying, Dez, a retired mercenary, musician and gatekeeper, is back in action and drawn into a dangerous conspiracy involving media manipulation, militias, an armed coup and an attempt to fracture the very country in which we live.


“A Face to Die For, No.28 (Even Duncan)” by Iris Johansen. An archaeologist who lost her father to tomb raiders after discovering Helen of Troy's burial spot teams up with a forensic sculptor to recreate Helen's ship-launching face in the latest novel of the long-running series following “The Bullet”.


“Red Warning” by Matthew Quirk. When the Russian deep cover operative responsible for a string of assassinations in the West follows CIA officer Sam Hudson back to the States, Sam goes up against this formidable foe who, targeting everyone close to him, is planning to bring the U.S. to its knees.


“A Secret About a Secret” by Peter Spiegleman. A Standard Division agent, Myles, investigates the murder of one of Ondstrand Biologic's most gifted scientists and unravels dark aspects of the woman's life, including ambition, manipulation, bitter grievances and secrets that could be motives for murder.


“The Friendship Pact (The Sunrise Cove Series)” by Jill Shalvis. Forming a friendship pact, Tae Holmes and former Marine—and her high school fling—Riggs Copeland try to track down the father Tae’s never met, leading them on a wild adventure during which they form a bond in a way neither had seen coming.


“The Girl Who Survived” by Lisa Jackson. The sole survivor of a brutal family massacre 20 years earlier, Kars McIntyre, when the person believed to be responsible for the killings is released, wonders how many times she can be the girl who survived as people around her die horrible deaths.


“Red on the River” by Christine Feehan. Sunrise Lake, a popular getaway destination, harbors dangers both natural and man-made where no one is safe, in this second thrilling novel set in the remote backcountry of California.

“And There He Kept Her” by Joshua Moehling. Reeling from personal tragedy, former police officer Ben Packard takes a job as a sheriff's deputy in small town Minnesota and leads the investigation when two teens go missing, forcing him to dig deep into his own past.


“Escape, No. 3 (Bill Harney)” by James Patterson and David Ellis. Chicago special-ops leader Detective Billy Harney investigates when six jail inmates escape and leave a taunting note for him along with two dead correctional officers in the third novel of the series following “The Black Book”.


“Suspects” by Danielle Steel. Rebuilding her life, fashion royalty Theodora Morgan, during an event in NYC, forms an instant connection with a man who, unbeknownst to her, is a CIA agent sent to protect her from the very same people involved in the kidnapping of her husband and son, which ended in tragedy.


“Tom Clancy Zero Hour, No. 9 (AJack Ryan Jr. Novel)” by Son Bentley. When the severely injured leader of North Korea activates an army of sleeper agents in South Korea, Jack Ryan, Jr., finds his benign trip in Seoul taking a deadly turn when a wave of violence perpetrated by North Korean operatives grips South Korea’s capital.