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Legends and Lore of Winter - Registration Required

Tales for the darkest days of the year presented by Chad Lewis
Zoom & Community Room Watch Party*
This event has ended.

Registration: Register!

Winter may seem like a quiet time, but it is actually filled with bizarre tales and stories of how to make weird spirits, Krampus-the helper of Santa Claus, stories of little people, werewolves, witches, people being burned alive, and numerous other cold traditions!


  • Krampus- Santa's evil companion 
  • The Wendigo--a winter sprit of the north 
  • The night where animals can speak 
  • Why we put holly and evergreen around the house 
  • The tradition behind the Yule log 
  • How to get a snow day! 
  • Where witches and little people roam 
  • Much much more...

*If you would like to join us in-person we will handle all the technology end of the Zoom presentation and you can just enjoy the show. We will be projecting it on the large screen in our Community Room so there is plenty of space spread out. We will have hot chocolate and treats available at the watch party!