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March 18, 2021 - One-Year Anniversary

I warned you a couple of weeks ago that we were quickly approaching a number of one-year anniversary sates and that I would undoubtedly feel compelled to comment upon them. Well. Here we are. On Match 12th, the Governor declared a health emergency in response to Covid-19. On March 13th, an order was issued to close all schools on Wednesday, March 18th. On March 17th at 5 p.m., all mass gatherings pf 10 or more people were prohibited in the state. We closed the library doors at that time and started curbside service. Social distancing and facility capacity became phrases that were interjected into most if not all conversations. Wearing a mask hadn't yet become the norm. St. Patrick's Day had a very dystopian feel as Wisconsin began to shut down in an attempt to stem the spread of the virus. It is sobering to think that a year later, we are still wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and assessing building capacity as things start to open up. Mass gatherings have increased in size in reverse order of how they decreased in size a year ago. We look forward to offering in-person programming to large groups soon, but room size still constrains our ability to social distance attendees. Watch our website and social media to see when these opportunities become available. In the meantime, you will find some of the new books which recently arrived at the library listed below. Enjoy and stay well!

cover artHooked: Food, Free Will, and How the Food Giants Exploit Our Additions by Michael Moss. The best-selling author of "Salt Sugar Fat "reveals how the processed food industry targets the human body's evolutionary instincts with unsafe products while taking advantage of legal loopholes to avoid health liabilities.


cover artParent Like it Matters: How to Raise Joyful, Change-Making Girls by Janice Johnson Dias. The sociologist mother of #1000BlackGirlBooks teen activist Marley Dias explains how self-realized girls are created through intentional upbringing decision, challenging today's parents to give their daughters the resources and foundation to control their own futures and create sustainable change.


cover artAgeless: The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Old by Andrew Steele. A young scientist takes readers into the frontiers of the science of aging, and reveals how close we are to an astonishing extension of our life spans and a vastly improved quality of life in our later years.


cover artMurder in an Irish Bookshop, No. 7 (Irish Village Mysteries) by Carlene O’Connor. The grand opening of a new bookstore in Kilbane becomes the closing chapter of an author’s life—and a whodunit that tests even Garda Siobhán O’Sullivan’s deductive reasoning.


cover artKlara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro. Waiting to be chosen by a customer, an Artificial Friend programmed with high perception observes the activities of shoppers while exploring fundamental questions about what it means to love.


cover artLife After Death, No 2 (Coldest Winter Ever) by Sister Souljah. A sequel to the best-selling The Coldest Winter Ever continues the gritty experiences of a returned Winter Santiaga. By the author of No Disrespect and A Deeper Love Inside.


cover artThe Lowering Days by Gregory Brown. Growing up in a riverside region of 1980s Maine, three brothers from the Penobscot Nation find their childhood innocence shattered by a nearby paper mill fire that divides their community.


cover artThe Sweet Taste of Muscadines by Pamela Terry. Returning to her Southern hometown in the wake of a tragedy, Lila and her brother uncover details surrounding their domineering mother's suspicious death, who had been in the care of their third sibling.


cover artThe Rose Code by Kate Quinn. Joining the elite Bletchley Park codebreaking team during World War II, three women from very different walks of life uncover a spy's dangerous agenda against a backdrop of the royal wedding of Elizabeth and Philip.


cover artA Matter of Life and Death, No. 4 (Robin Lockwood) by Phillip Margolin. Rising attorney Robin Lockwood takes the death-penalty case of a homeless father who has been set up for the murder of a prominent judge's wife. By the best-selling author of Gone But Not Forgotten.


cover artNot Dark Yet, No. 27 (Inspector Banks) by Peter Robinson. Investigating the murder of a property developer in Yorkshire, Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks and his team begin scanning the victim's security tapes only to discover that a brutal second crime was also captured.


cover artThe Jigsaw Man, No. 1 (Inspector Anjelica Henley) by Nadine Matheson. Serial Crimes Unit DI Anjelica Henley races to stop a copycat killer and prevent her own death before the ruthless murderer who is being imitated takes matters into his own hands. A first novel.


cover artThe Eagle and the Viper by Loren Estleman. A failed Christmas Eve assassination attempt targeting Napoleon Bonaparte takes an ominous turn when an evolving conspiracy brings the world to the brink of total war. By the Shamus Award-winning author of the Amos Walker series