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May 6, 2021 - Countdown Begins

The countdown to the beginning of the Summer Reading Program continues. May 15th is only 9 days away. This year's Summer Reading Program promises community reading challenges to partake in, activities to engage in, and programs to attend (both virtually and in-person). Keep an eye on our website and Facebook (and other social media) page for more details. To get us all in the mood for the upcoming start of Summer Reading, the weather started out the month with some high temperatures in the mid-80s and windy weather more reminiscent of March coming in like a lion than the gentle warmth, the soft sun lit days, the long evenings, and the flower-scented air of May. Books from the publishers' spring book lists continue to arrive and have already started to turn towards those "beach" reads and "summer" reads which are almost there own genre or sub-genre. Bookriot defined it last year as " a certain type of book, something that will have mass appeal and isn't particularly intellectually stimulating." Blockbuster novels from major authors -- think Grisham, Patterson, etc.--tend to be released in May which makes them a perfect beach read. Titles in that genre are starting to arrive. Below you may not find any title that will become a compulsively readable book that is perfect for the beach -- or wherever you vacation-- but you will find some engaging titles. Enjoy!

cover artA World on the Wing: A Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds by Scott Weidensaul. Offers exhilarating exploration of the science and wonder of global bird migration.


cover artHuddle: How Women Unlock Their Collective Power by Brooke Baldwin. The Peabody finalist CNN Newsroom anchor and creator of the American Woman digital series explores the powerful phenomenon that enables activist women of all backgrounds to work collaboratively and effectively for positive change.


cover artFast Burn!: The Power of Negative Energy Balance by Ian K. Smith. A motivational plan for sustainable weight loss by the best-selling author of Clean & Lean expands on the author's philosophies about intermittent fasting, outlining a nine-week plan for rapid results.


cover artWorld Travel: An Irreverent Guide by Anthony Bourdain & Laurie Woolever. A guide to some of the world’s most interesting places, as seen and experienced by writer, television host and relentlessly curious traveler Anthony Bourdain.


cover artBlood and Treasure: Daniel Boone and the Fight for America’s First Frontier by Tom Clavin & Bob Drury. A narrative account of the life of historical frontiersman Daniel Boone goes beyond pop-culture depictions to offer insight into his Revolutionary War heroism and nation-shaping achievements as witnessed by 18th-century colonists and Native Americans.


cover artThe Windsor Knot, No. 1 (Her Majesty the Queen Investigates) by SJ Bennett. The award-winning author of “Love Song” presents a crime series debut that finds 90-year-old Elizabeth II turning detective when MI5 bungles the murder case of a young Russian pianist at Windsor Castle.


cover artGreater Good, No. 2 (Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendency) by Timothy Zahn. Thrawn and his allies race to save the Chiss Ascendancy from an unseen enemy, in the second book of the epic Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy from a best-selling author.


cover artSomething Unbelievable by Maria Kuznetsova. An overwhelmed new mom asks to hear her grandmother’s story of her family’s desperate escape from the Nazis, discovering unexpected parallels to her own life in America.


cover artThe Cottage on Lighthouse Lane, No. 5 (Miramar Bay) by Davis Bunn. From an internationally best-selling author comes a novel set in Miramar Bay, an idyllic seaside town where a Hollywood star with a wounded heart and an insightful woman escaping a tragic past in Ukraine can find hope and redemption.


cover artHot Stew by Fiona Mozley. A follow-up to the Booker finalist, Elmet, finds a young millionaire's efforts to convert a Soho property into a luxury condominium challenged by two prostitute tenants and their customers from the brothel inside the building.


cover artThe Passenger by Ulrich Boschwitz. A German World War I veteran endures escalating persecution for his Jewish heritage in 1938 Berlin before embarking on a series of train journeys to uncover vital information and then escape the country.


cover artThe Last Night in London by Karen White. A journalist in 2019 London interviews a World War II-era model to learn the story of the woman's best friendship with a Royal Air Force pilot's wife, who was catapulted by the Blitz into a web of intrigue and secrets.


cover artA Gambling Man, No. 2 (Archer) by David Baldacci. Aloysius Archer travels to 1950s California to apprentice with a legendary private eye and former FBI agent but immediately finds himself involved in a scandal in the second novel of the series following One Good Deed.