Moon Sign Astrology 101

Community Room
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Everyone knows their Sun sign in Astrology but do you know and understand your Moon sign?

Did you know that your Moon sign affects how you operate on a day-to-day basis as much as your Sun sign does? What sign the Moon is placed in one’s birth chart reveals what one's emotional needs are, how one may emotionally respond to a situation, and so much more. 

Join local Astrologer and Herbalist Jennifer Helmer, of Eureka Astrology and Healing, as she discusses how the Moon expresses itself through the 12 zodiac signs.  By the end of this introductory class, participants will be able to tap into the wisdom of their Moon sign and have a better relationship with their emotional needs and responses.   

**It is useful for participants to know their Moon sign before the class, as we will not be calculating that in class. You can create a free birth chart at or through one of the many astrology apps. You will need to know your birth time (as exact as possible), date, and location in order to cast your chart on these sites. This provides you with your birth chart and all the planetary placements. If you have questions about figuring out what your Moon sign is on the chart you can bring a copy of it to class and Jennifer will help you find it.

This event is sponsored by the Friends of the DeForest Area Public Library.

Event Audience
Teen & Adult