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November 28, 2019 - Thanksgiving Day

When you sit down at your Thanksgiving Day meal, it will undoubtedly be with some combination of family and friends. As is true with any gathering of a large group that meets on an infrequent basis, those who are missing are as noticeable as those present. In your early decades those absent were undoubtedly fulfilling conflicting familial obligations. As the years rolled on it was because those absent are permanently gone. Thanksgiving can become a celebration by survivors filled with gratitude that they can still gather together as well as being thankful for the bounties of the harvest. Once the grandchildren begin arriving, the whole cycle of life (of the clan) begins again. I’m sure the first Thanksgiving was an acknowledgement of survival and of gratitude. I think we can all connect with those early settlers. In the midst of our daily life and the perils to life and health that we are all subject to, it is good to have a reason to sit down at a table filled with food at a time of year when the land is dormant and fecundity is but a distant dream, and hold hands, and say “thank you”. I hope you have a joyous time with your families and friends on this holiday. As always, I am thankful for you, gentle readers, who keep the literary and literacy flame alive. Enjoy the new books listed below and have a very happy Thanksgiving. The library will be open on Black Friday. Below you will find some new book titles to help you survive the day after Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

“The Art of Making Memories: How to Create and Remember Happy Moments (Happiness Institute)” by Meik Wiking. The best-selling author of The Little Book of Hygge shares advice for creating positive memories for overall lasting happiness, drawing on extensive research to explain how to forge positive memories and let go of negative experiences


“Conversations with RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Life, Love, Liberty, and Law” by Jeffrey Rosen. The president and chief executive officer of the National Constitution Center offers an intimate look at the life and career of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in her own words, through an extraordinary series of conversations


“Edison” by Edmund Morris. A Pulitzer Prize-winning author presents a new biography of the prolific American inventor-genius, exploring his many roles, including botanist, naval strategist, iron miner, chemist, telegrapher and audio producer, created by virtue of his remarkable inventions

“The Christmas Boutique, No. 22 ( Elm Creek Quilt)” by Jennifer Chiaverini. When severe wintry weather damages a church hosting the annual Christmas boutique, Sylvia offers space at Elm Creek Manor, where fundraising efforts are complicated by the private struggles of her fellow quilters.


“The Girl Who Reads on the Metro” by Christine Feret-Fleury. Dreaming up stories about her fellow readers on the Métro, a French office worker unexpectedly befriends a reclusive bookseller who asks her to care for his store and young daughter while he is away


“The Giver of Stars” by JoJo Moyes. Volunteering for Eleanor Roosevelt's new traveling library in small-town Kentucky, an English bride joins a group of independent women whose commitment to their job transforms the community and their relationships.


“A Mrs. Miracle Christmas” by Debbie Macomber. Struggling with her grandmother's failing health and her inability to have a child, a woman receives unexpected help from a kindhearted stranger at the same time her dreams begin coming true. By the best-selling author of Alaskan Holiday


“Owl Be Home for Christmas, No. 26 (Meg Langslow)” by Donna Andrews. Snowed in at a hotel during a scientific conference, Meg Langslow assists Chief Burke in identifying which of the guests is responsible for the murder of a visiting ornithologist. By the award-winning author of the "Sisters in Crime" series.


“Agent Running in the Field” by John LeCarre. Desperate to resist the political turbulence of his 2018 London home, a young man establishes connections that lead him down a dark and dangerous path. By the best-selling author of "A Legacy of Spies".


“Bloody Genius, No. 12 (Virgil Flowers)” by John Sandford. When a culture war between rival departments at a local state university culminates in the death of a renowned scholar, Virgil Flowers struggles to identify a killer among a group of wildly passionate, diametrically opposed zealots.


“Blue Moon, No. 24 (Jack Reacher)” by Lee Child. A highly anticipated latest installment in the best-selling series finds Jack Reacher offering aid to an elderly couple only to be confronted by the most dangerous opponents of his career. By the best-selling author of "One Shot".


“The Guardians” by John Grisham. The best-selling author of The Reckoning and The Rooster Bar presents his latest fast-paced legal thriller, incorporating his signature inventive twists and turns into a courtroom drama inspired by some of today's most hot-button issues.


“Quantum, No. 1 (Captain Chase)” by Patricia Cornwell Detecting a tripped alarm on the eve of a top-secret space mission, NASA pilot and cyber-crime investigator Captain Calli Chase uncovers disturbing clues that point to her missing twin. By the Edgar Award-winning author of the Kay Scarpetta series.