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October 1, 2020 - Where has time gone?

It is hard to believe that it is the first of October already.Where has the time gone? The seasonal changes are definitely abounding. The trees across the street from my office window are blushing deep shades of red. The street gutters are filled with tiny yellow leaves -- nature's confetti -- adding a festive air to the end of the growing season. My porch corps are all-but finished -- my tomato plants are mere sticks with ripening fruit attached. The days are so much short and dawn is so late in arriving. And frost. Last week there was frost on the roof tops -- very briefly, but it was there. The end of this week has highs in the 50s and 40s forecast for the end of the week. Could this be the first killing frost? Could this put an end to those pesky weeds that continue to pump out pollen until a hard freeze stops them? We can only hope.As I've noted numerous times over the years, books are published seasonally with big spring and fall pushes as well as smaller beach reading and Christmas gift giving seasons. Right now we are well into the fall season. It is the perfect time of year to spend those longer evenings reading (Well, any season is the right season to spend your evenings (and mornings and afternoons too) reading. Last Friday, seven boxes of books arrived. Below you will find some of the newer titles that have arrived at the library. Enjoy!

cover artCaste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “The Warmth of Other Suns” identifies the qualifying characteristics of historical caste systems to reveal how a rigid hierarchy of human rankings, enforced by religious views, heritage and stigma, impact every day.


cover artCovid 19: The Pandemic That Never Should Have Happened and How to Stop the Next One by Debora Mackenzie. In an accessible narrative, a veteran science journalist lays out the shocking story of how the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic happened and how to make sure this never happens again.


cover artEliot Ness and the Mad Butcher: Hunting America’s Deadliest Unidentified Serial Killer at the Dawn of Modern Criminology by Max Collins. In the spirit of Devil in the White City comes a true detective tale of the highest standard: the haunting story of Eliot Ness's forgotten final case–his years-long hunt for "The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run," a serial killer who terrorized Cleveland through the Great Depression. 


cover artFamily in Six Tones: A Refugee Mother, an American Daughter by Lan Cao & Van Cao. The author of Monkey Bridge describes her experiences of being a refugee immigrant and mother, reflecting on how her family has been impacted by war while exploring how cultural differences have shaped her relationship with her American daughter.


cover artGood Company by Arthur Blank. The Home Depot co-founder and owner of the NFL's Atlanta Falcons draws on his experiences with revitalizing troubled organizations to outline practical approaches to a values-based business that utilizes the cooperative potential of purpose and profit


cover artThe End of the Day by Bill Clegg. Following his acclaimed New York Times bestseller, “Did You Ever Have a Family”, Bill Clegg returns with a deeply moving, emotionally resonant second novel about the complicated bonds and breaking points of friendship, the corrosive forces of secrets, the heartbeat of longing, and the redemption found in forgiveness.


cover artThe Midwife Murders by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo. When two kidnappings and a stabbing occur on her watch in a Manhattan university hospital, a fearless senior midwife teams up with a skeptical NYPD detective to investigate rumors that shift from the Russian Mafia to an underground adoption network.


cover artMigrations by Charlotte McConaghy. A woman who has dedicated her life to protecting the environment convinces a fishing captain and his salty crew to follow the world's last flock of Arctic terns on a migration of dark revelations. A first novel


cover artThe Night Swim by Megan Goldin. A popular true-crime podcaster finds an unsettling note on her windshield begging for help before she uncovers dark community secrets from the past and present, including one involving the disappearance of her own sister.


cover artThe Palace, No. 3 (Simon Riske) by Christopher Reich. When a man to whom he owes his life reaches out from prison, international spy Simon Riske recruits a daring investigative reporter and a rogue Mossad agent to thwart an international conspiracy targeting major European cities.


cover artWe Are All the Same in the Dark by Julia Heaberlin. The discovery of an unknown girl found by the side of the road a decade after an unsolved disappearance compels a young police officer's investigation into dangerous local and personal secrets. By the best-selling author of “Black-Eyed Susans”.


cover artThe Wicked Sister by Karen Dionne. Living in self-imposed exile in a psychiatric facility where she is tortured by fractured memories of her parents' murder, Rachel uncovers maternal secrets and an unspeakable act of evil that unveils the true nature of her bond with her sister


cover artThe Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult. Experiencing memories of a man other than her husband while surviving a plane crash, and end-of-life doula on the brink of a fateful decision envisions two disparate paths that find her staying with her family or reconnecting with the past.