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October 22, 2020 - Spooktacular Grab Bags

As of this Thursday, it is only 9 days until Halloween which some might call the first, of the last-quarter-of-the-year holidays. This year's celebration will be unlike celebrations of the past but as we've done ever since the pandemic erupted, we will try to keep the spirit of the day alive (or dead--whichever might be appropriate for this specific "holiday"). There are virtual opportunities to contribute and hear spooky stories read. There will be Spooktacular grab bags available for pick up. There are "I Spy" window decorationa all around the library. As the countdown to Halloween continues, the signs that this season is rapidly morphing into the the great big year-end extravaganza of gifting and regifting is alreasy in the minds of retailers. I am able to report (I know I'm not happy to report, and I'm not sure that I'm sad to report) that during my last foray into local grocery stores I spied with my little eye Buddy the Elf Coffee Creamers -- available in caramel waffle cookie, peppermint mocha, and frosted sugar cookie flavors. There were also chocolates appropriate for that year-end season as well. As we all know, reatailers tend to shrink the timeline between seasonal holidays. It is actually 26 days from Halloween to Thanksgiving Day and then another 29 days to Christmas. And just in case you can't wait until the start of 2021, it is 61 days from Halloween to New Year's Day so 70 days from the date of this column. To help while away the time between now and these special days (and the dark and the cold) you will find some of the new book titles that arrived recently at the library. Enjoy!

cover artFinding My Father by Deborah Tannen. A “New York Times” best-selling author traces her father’s life from turn-of-the-century Warsaw to bustling New York City, in an intimate memoir about family, memory and the stories we tell. Illustrations.


cover artLiar’s Circus: A Strange and Terrifying Journey into the Upside-Down World of Trump’s MAGA Rallies by Carl Hoffman. The award-winning author of Savage Harvest presents an immersive report from deep within Donald Trump's rallies to offer insight into the sociological phenomena represented by the President's fervent base, its motivations and its formidable collective power.


cover artSpeaking for Myself: Faith, Freedom, and the Fight of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. A portrait of the Trump Administration by the former White House Press Secretary examines the battle between the 45th President and his critics, sharing related insights into her faith and experiences as a working mother.


cover artHow to Astronaut: An Insider’s Guide to Leaving Planet Earth by Terry Virts. A behind-the-scenes look at the training, basic rules, lessons and procedures of space travel by the former astronaut, space-shuttle pilot and International Space Station commander includes coverage of the realities of living long-term in space.


cover artCreativity: A Short and Cheerful Guide by John Cleese. The Monty Python comic master shares lighthearted advice on how anyone can learn the skill of creativity, drawing on whimsical personal experience to explain how to get into the right frame of mind, develop worthwhile ideas and overcome blocks.


cover artIn a Midnight Wood, No. 27 (Jane Lawless) by Ellen Hart. Attending a high-school reunion in their hometown of Castle Lake, Jane Lawless and Cordelia Thorn investigate former classmates to discover the truth about what happened to a boyfriend who went missing decades earlier.


cover artThe Killings at Kingfisher Hill, No.4 (New Hercule Poirot Mysteries) by Sophie Hannah. Hired to discretely investigate murder allegations against a wealthy client's wife, Hercule Poirot swaps seats with a nervous train passenger before a second killing is complicated by a series of impossible confessions.


cover artOne for the Books, No. 11 (Library Lover’s Mysteries) by Jenn McKinlay. When a growing guest list upends her plans for a smaller wedding, Lindsey and her friends visit a prospective venue on Bell Island, where they stumble on the murdered body of the man who was to officiate.


cover artA Question of Betrayal, No. 2 (Elena Standish) by Anne Perry. A sequel to “Death in Focus” finds daring young MI6 photographer Elena Standish embarking on a first mission in Mussolini's Italy to rescue and uncover the truth about a former lover who betrayed her six years earlier.


cover artShadows in Death, No. 51 (In Death) by J.D. Robb. Spotting an infamous assassin from Dublin among the onlookers at a Washington Square Park murder scene, Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her husband, Roarke, struggle to protect each other when they discover the killer is targeting them.


cover artThe Brightest Star by Fern Michaels. Writing biographies to support her family's struggling Christmas shop, Lauren is assigned to pen the life story of a handsome and surprisingly intelligent online retailer mogul who has put hundreds of small companies out of business.


cover artChance of a Lifetime, No.1 (Providence Falls) by Jude Deveraux & Tara Sheets. A series debut by the distinguished author of “For All Time” and the award-winning author of “Don't Call Me Cupcake” finds a 19th-century thief atoning for misdeeds by convincing the present-day woman he loves to marry another.


cover artThe Coast-to-Coast Murders by James Patterson with J.D. Barker. A baffling string of murders throughout the country leads Detective Garrett Dobbs and FBI Agent Jessica Gimble to the family of two Ivy League intellectuals who raised their adopted children in a traumatizing experimental environment.