October 7, 2022 - Five-Letter "F" Word

I take all responsibility. Last week I taunted the weather gods by noting we had yet to have any overnight lows that included that five-letter word that starts with “F”. We had a few mornings last week when there was frost on the rooftops but not cold enough to drag the porch plants inside. A week to the day later, the forecast for Friday night, has an overnight low of 29 degrees. Now that is that other, five-letter word that starts with “F”. It looks like we might get a freeze which would end the growing season – if it happens. I can’t say I would be sad to see some plants quit growing such as ragweed, dock, sorrel, and lambs quarters. Those few frost-flirting nights we had this past week have caused some trees to catch on “fire”. Some maples, ash, sumac are suddenly flaming red and orange. It is October, after all. And speaking of October, did you know the first week of the month is Mystery Series Week, National Carry a Tune Week, National Post Card Week, Customer Service Week and National Newspaper Week. There are now so many national days and dates that I can no longer regale you with some of the quirkier of those days and dates. There are just too many of them. But you could celebrate the ones listed above by coming into the library and reading a mystery (it must be in a series, but almost every book now written is either part of a series or soon to be a series), checking out a cd (so you can “carry a tune”), writing a post card while sitting in one of our comfy chairs, and then reading a newspaper. You can do all of these while smiling, because the first Friday in October is World Smile Day. Whether you’re smiling or not, below you will find some of the new books which recently arrived at the library. Enjoy!

“Killing the Legends” by Bill O’Reilly & Martin Dugard. Explores the lives, legacies and tragic deaths of three of the most famous people of the 20th century—Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Muhammad Ali—whose lives spun out of control at the hands of those they most trusted.


“Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories” by Kelly Ripa. The beloved daytime talk show host shares sharp-witted and insightful stories about her life as a professional, wife, daughter and mother, bringing hard-earned wisdom and an eye for the absurdity of life to every minute of the day


“Bridge to the Sun: The Secret Role of the Japanese Americans Who Fought in the Pacific in World War II” by Bruce Henderson. The author reveals the harrowing untold story of the Nisei and their major contributions in the war of the Pacific, through six Japanese American soldiers. After the war, these soldiers became translators and interrogators for war crime trials, and later helped to rebuild Japan as a modern democracy and a pivotal U.S. ally.


“Boldly Go: Reflections on a Life of Awe and Wonder” by William Shatner and Joshua Brandon. The beloved star of Star Trek and recent space traveler reflects on the interconnectivity of all things, our fragile bond with nature and the joy that comes from exploration.

“The Golden Enclaves, No.3 (The Scholomance)” by Naomi Novik. In this epic conclusion to the “New York Times” best-selling trilogy, the narrator, after miraculously escaping the Scholomance, must turn right around and find a way back in to save everyone from getting killed in the brewing enclave war on the horizon


“All That’s Left Unsaid” by Tracey Lien. In Cabramatta, Australia after her younger brother is murdered inside a restaurant while celebrating his high school graduation Ky Tran vows to uncover his killer despite an indifferent police force and witnesses who claim they saw nothing.


“The Best Friend” by Jessica Fellowes. Even though they are best friends, the trust between Bella and Kate is fragile, especially when men came into their lives, and, over time, acts of both cruelty and love ferment, until one shocking event tests them more than ever.


“Blowback” by James Patterson and Brendan Dubois. Two CIA agents find their loyalties divided between chain of command and the Constitution when their former Director, now the President of the United States, asks them to carry out a clandestine power grab with deadly consequences.


“Clive Cussler’s Hellburner, No. 16 (Oregon Files)” by Mike Maden. After narrowly escaping an explosion and losing a crew member, Juan Cabrillo must track down a nuclear torpedo before it starts World War III, in the latest novel of the series following “Marauder”.


“Fairy Tale” by Stephen King. A troubled teenager befriends an elderly recluse, who dies and leaves him a taped message explaining that his shed is the portal to another world in the new novel by the extremely prolific and popular best-selling author of “It”.

“Oath of Loyalty (Mitch Rapp)” by Vince Flynn & Kyle Mills. When the president’s power-hungry security adviser betrays him by leaking the true identity of his partner, Claudia Gold, Mitch Rapp, racing to neutralize the enemies conspiring against her, is faced with the seemingly impossible task of finding and stopping a killer whose business model is based on double-blind secrecy.


“Suspect” by Scott Turow. Investigating the high-profile case of police chief Lucia Gomez, who is accused of soliciting sex for promotions to higher ranks, P.I. Clarice “Pinky” Granum must unravel the dark secrets of the people closest to Gomez, drawing her into the deepest recesses of the city’s criminal networks.


“Treasure State: A Cassie Dewell Novel, No. 6” by C. J. Box. Cassie Dewell has her hands full with two cases—finding the man who conned a wealthy Florida widow out of her fortune, which takes her to Montana, and decoding a poem that promises buried treasure to one lucky adventurer, which has led to five deaths