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September 26, 2019 - Upcoming Holidays

Now that fall has officially arrived and we are rapidly approaching the tenth month of the year, one wonders if it’s too early to start the countdown to the big winter holiday (90 days until Christmas Day). If it’s too early for that how about Halloween ? October 31st is only 35 days away and with aisles of candy in grocery stores (and most any store that sells candy, now that I think about it) there is obviously opportunity and time to stock up for that big day. Since we are exploring countdowns to special fall dates, I hear you asking, “Well, what about Thanksgiving Day, then?” Glad you asked. This year Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated on November 28th (which is as late a date as possible for “Turkey” Day) and that is sixty-three days away. As much as I hate to be the bearer of sad tidings, it is only 86 days until the first day of winter. However, the good news is that that means the Winter Reading Program will be underway. It is never too early to get into shape and start training for that winter marathon of reading and what better way than to practice on the plethora of fall books which have been arriving since before fall officially arrived. Below you will find some of the new titles that have arrived recently at the library. Enjoy!

“How to be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi. A best-selling author, National Book Award-winner and professor combines ethics, history, law and science with a personal narrative to describe how to move beyond the awareness of racism and contribute to making society just and equitable.


“A Liberated Mind: How to Pivot Toward What Matters” by Steven Hayes. The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy originator shares key insights into the problem-solving mind, outlining psychological flexibility skills that can be adapted into treatments for mental illness, physical pain, social processes and natural performance enhancement.


“The Case Against Reality: Why Evolution Hid the Truth from Our Eyes” by Donald Hoffman. Challenging leading scientific theories that claim our senses are objective, a groundbreaking examination of human perception reveals its evolutionary importance and how it is used today in marketing, design and personal safety.


“The Deep History of Ourselves: The Four-billion-year Story of How We Got Conscious Brains” by Joseph Ledoux. A leading neuroscientist offers a history of the evolution of the brain from unicellular organisms to the complexity of animals and human beings today. By the author of “Anxious”.

“Haunted House Murder” by Leslie Meier. A trio of spooky mystery stories set on coastal Maine includes "Haunted House Murder" by Leslie Meier, "Death by Haunted House" by Lee Hollis and "Hallowed Out" by Barbara Ross.


“Cold Way Home, No. 8 (Bell Elkins)” by Julia Keller. Discovering a body at the ruins of a psychiatric hospital that burned down decades earlier, Bell and her partners confront private torments as well as the site's dark history. By the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “A Killing in the Hills”.


“Killer Edition, No. 15 (Booktown Mysteries)” by Lorna Barrett. Balancing a baking contest with her rocky volunteer efforts at the local animal shelter, Tricia Miles searches for answers when a woman is found dead in the aftermath of a neighbor dispute. By the best-selling author of “Poisoned Cages”.


“The Last Widow, No. 9 (Will Trent)” by Karin Slaughter. An electrifying latest entry in the best-selling series finds Will and Sara pitted against a mysterious group that would unleash a deadly epidemic. By the Edgar-nominated author of “Cop Town”.


“The Missing One, No. 2 (Hester Thursby Mysteries)” by Edwin Hill. Summoned to a rugged, remote island of the coast of Maine by a cryptic text, Hester Thursby discovers a community cleaning up from a devastating storm—and uncovers a murder.


“Terns of Endearment, No. 25 (Meg Langslow)” by Donna Andrews. When her family's cruise vacation is interrupted by a ship breakdown and reports of a passenger's suspicious leap overboard, Meg races against time to uncover the truth. By the Agatha Award-winning author of “Toucan Keep a Secret”.


“Twisted at the Root, No. 26 (Jane Lawless Mysteries)” by Ellen Hart. Private investigator Jane Lawless works with her father, Ray, on a wrongful conviction case he defended originally to get justice for a grieving widower in the latest addition to the series following “A Whisper of Bones”.


“The Whisperer, No. 14 (Inspector Sejer)” by Karin Fossum. After receiving threatening letters a woman's carefully structured and deliberately isolated life begins to unravel, involving her in a man's death and an interrogation with Inspector Sejer in the latest addition to the Norwegian series.