4th Tuesday Forum: Goode Rebeka Nurse “The Salem Witch Trials”

Cornerstone Community Center

It was a new world. The settlers from England had gained a foothold in the verdant land called “Amerika”. Old traditions would be laid aside, new ones instituted. Greed, jealousy, suspicion would still persist. Were these at the root of “The Salem Witch Trials”? Innocent residents of Salem, Massachusetts were tried and many executed in perhaps the most infamous chapter in early American history. Learn the true story of one of those unlucky residents.

Presented by: Jessica Michna

Mindfulness and Meditation

Community Room

Learn more about integrating mindfulness, supported by meditation, to deal with the stresses in our everyday lives.

Included in the talk will be some simple meditations and some "life hacks" that can be pulled up to calm us in particularly challenging moments. 

Sponsored by: Friends of the DeForest Area Public Library

4th Tuesday Forum: Adapting to Vision Changes with Smart Devices

DeForest Area Community & Senior Center

Vision changes can have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life and ability to live independently.

Learn how the Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired promotes the dignity and empowerment of the people of Wisconsin who live with vision loss. In addition, find out how adaptive products such as smart speakers can help make daily living easier.

The Art of De-teching

Community Room

Technology surrounds us and our kids.  Parents are caught between enjoying the pure happiness their child feels while engaging with it and the nagging sensation that it’s reach is too far.  Is it too much or is it just kids these days?   Can kids have balanced tech use and parents have peace?  

This presentation will touch on the art of helping your youth let go of the “technology rope”.  We can shine a light on the realities of technology and kids in an effort to become more conscious of technology use and how to keep moving towards balance.

Bracelet Making*


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Join our beginner/intermediate bracelet making class. In this hands-on workshop, we will guide you through the process of creating simple, yet beautiful bracelets using beads and either memory wire or bead wire.

Beginner: our instructor will guide you through the process of adding beads to memory wire, which accommodates any size wrist. You will design a simple bracelet that is easy to reproduce at home, too.

Bathroom Renovations

Community Room

Bathrooms can be tricky projects to tackle, but some general knowledge can go a long way.  

Join us for this class as our Master Certified Remodeler and Universal Design Certified Professional, Bob Weirough, gives you the basics for some of the most common bathroom upgrades (flooring, faucets and shower installs).  

The right products and tools are very important to the success and longevity of any bathroom renovation.  

Presented by: Project Home

Sponsored by: MG&E